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Hello everyone!!

It has been a long time and I`ve missed you guys soooo mucho!

BTW, the reason I`m here is that Jpop_Watty_Awards currently conducts a competiton for fanfiction writers on Wattpad. This year, the entries are for Sexy Zone, Arashi and of course our very own, Hey Say Jump.

I plan to join and since I haven`t written any in a long time, I want to pick an entry from my LJ.

The deadline of submission is on July 28, 2015. Two entries are allowed each writer, finished or unfinished.

As my readers, your input is important to me. Not all of you are on Wattpad but I want to know your input. I`m collecting your input here.

The organizer has certain rules thus, I cannot include SMUT and stories with heavy cursing. I made the list below. Just place your COMMENT and INCLUDE the story that you like. I`ll make the tally afterwards.

Deadline will be on July 18, 2015. This is to give myself time to submit the entries.

Looking forward to your participation. Thank you very much for your support.

Here are the stories you may choose from:


1. When I wake up, I`ll come find you -  Yabu Kota x Yaotome Hikaru

2. My love for you is lonelier that my thousand year of solitude - Yamada Ryosuke x Arioka Daiki

3. My Private Neko - Yaotome Hikaru x Okamoto Keito

4. Four-leaf Clover - Takaki Yuya x Arioka Daiki


1. I Still...  - Takak Yuya x Arioka Daiki

2. You were mine  - Takaki Yuya x Arioka Daiki

Thanks so much. I`ll make the tally on a weekly basis so feel free to drop me a message!

Hello everyone!!

I`m sorry for being away for a long time. I`ve been very busy with work, the holidays and all.
This is to inform everybody that I'm still alive..hahaha and also to inform my readers that the fanfic,
Captivated 6 (Book 1 of SEASONS OF THE MOON Series) will be DISCONTINUED until further notice.

Today marks the 3rd month I haven't made an update and I'm truly sorry. I cannot explain anything so much because I don't want other writers to lose their motivation for writing but I hope you guys understand. I'm still here and I still read your fanfic but I rarely place comments.

I miss you guys and I still owe many things to JUMP and you of course. Take care peeps!

Title:  Captivated 6 (Book 1 of SEASONS OF THE MOON Series)
Author: thatgurlhunts
Pairing: Takaki Yuya x Arioka Daiki  
Rating: PG
Warning: cursing, language and bad grammar
Summary: Arioka Daiki is a 17-year old human, non-existing boy at school. He stays low and unnoticed to hide his dark secret. He’s gay. Takaki Yuya, a werewolf and the soon to be Alpha of his pack, has been looking for his mate ever since he had his 18th birthday.

**NOTE: Here is an update for you guys! Thank you for your continued support.

Yuya’s POV

“Crap. I forgot about my toxins. I’m sorry Dai-chan.” I caught him when he passed out. I shoved the hair that covered his beautiful face and licked on his wounds and they slowly healed. You see, we can heal ourselves and other wolves but it’s the most effective if we’re going to heal our mates. Ryosuke tried healing his wounds earlier but they took longer, unlike mine. I also carry the Alpha toxins that can either heal or kill somebody. Not that I plan on killing my mate of course. Daiki’s breathing was better and I stood up to heat the soup, I’m sure he’s hungry when he wakes up.

“How’s he?” I turned around to see my mom smiling at me.
“Oh, he’s fine.” She followed me to the kitchen. I tensed. My mom can read me like an open book and I can sense that she knew something but she’s keeping quiet about it. I almost jumped when she touched my back.
“Yuya, you’re my son and I’ll accept everything about you. Even if the world is against you, I’ll stand by you, me and your father. Don’t forget that, okay?”
“T-Thanks mom.”  She pulled me closer and our foreheads touched. Just a small gesture but it made me feel closer to her.
“Now, hand me that and go back upstairs. The boy might wake up anytime.”  My mom took the soup from me. I skipped up the stairs and walked towards the guest room. I didn’t expect to see Hikaru by the door.

“He’s your mate.” It was not a question.
“We can’t have a fag in the pack.”
“What did you say?!” He didn’t just call my mate a fag.
“The pack will never accept two alphas. It will bring ruin to us and the neighboring packs will see that as our weakness and attack us. Did you ever consider that?” He hissed at me.
“If the pack cannot accept my mate, then they can leave!”
“You’re going to let them leave, let them die in the hands of the rouges so you can have your little fag mate?!”
“Hikaru! That’s out of line! I’m going to your alpha!”
“And I’m your beta and I say that right now, you let go of the boy or I’ll make sure to kill him rather than put the pack in danger!” That’s it. I saw red. The thought of Hikaru killing my mate set me to the edge. The next thing I knew, we were outside the main house. It was after I felt a pang of pain on my back when Hikaru threw me out and we destroyed the wooden wall. Fortunately, the pups were at school and wouldn’t have to witness their soon-to-be alpha and beta trying to kill each other. I’m the next alpha and I’m strong but Hikaru is the next beta and he’s almost at par with mine. But beta or not, if he’s a threat to my mate’s life, I’m going to eliminate him. We started to gain attention when other pack members came to see what was happening. Hikaru’s father was there but he didn’t dare stop us when he finally put together everything about his son trying to kill the alpha’s mate. We were still sane enough not to shift specially that there’s a human in our midst. We had to fight in human form. We were yanked from each other by Ryosuke and Kei.

“That is enough Yuya, Hikaru!”
“I’ll kill that bastard!”  I struggle against Ryosuke’s grip.
“Stop it!” I flipped him over to the ground and pounded on him but he was fast and agile. He threw a punch at my chest and I felt my lungs struggled to get air at the same time, Hikaru dropped on the ground when Kei twisted his arms and overpowered him. We both shifted to fend off Ryosuke and Kei but I was subdued to the ground by Ryosuke and I heard Hikaru’s wolf howled. My wolf Cana was about to surface but he stopped when he felt an overwhelming power but it wasn’t from Hikaru. A power that Cana himself recognized and accepted.

“H-Hikaru?” But Hikaru stayed on the ground whimpering.
“It can’t be…”  I howled in agony. Hikaru might be a dick and asshole but he’s still my friend but he fell. A new beta rose up and was recognized by Cana. I turned to Beta Koki and he looked down in disappointment.

Ryosuke’s shorter than me but his power and authority overwhelmed me. I thought it was Kei I felt earlier but no, it was Ryosuke and he was holding me down. The guy snapped out of reality and he trembled before me and released his hold on me.
“I-I’m sorry.”
I smiled at him awkwardly and then he realized it. Cana accepted him as the new beta.

“No!” The poor kid looked horrified. He’s too young and he knew Hikaru will be hurt. I nodded at him.
Kei helped Hikaru back to the main house to treat his wounds.

Ryosuke’s POV

“I-I can’t.”  I cannot do this. I cannot be the beta. I wasn’t from this pack and I don’t have a family here.
“But the moon goddess chose you, son.” I looked up at Beta Koki. I knew he’s hurting. It’s supposed to be Hikaru and not me. It’s supposed to be his son.
“Beta, I’m not from here. I don’t have a family, I don’t have…”
“This is your pack, this is your family. There is a reason why you’re the beta. If you’re thinking about Hikaru, he’ll get over it.”
“I’m s-scared.”
“You’ll do great my boy. I’m sure about that.” Beta Koki looked away like he just remembered something.
“Now this changes things. Alpha Jin hasn’t come back yet and I’m sure he’ll be happy to welcome you too. Once he gets back, we’ll talk about the ceremony. All we have to do is to wait for Yuya’s mate. I wonder what’s taking so long that his other half hasn’t shown up yet.”

My eyes widened. For a smart and strong beta, Koki can be dense and idiot sometimes. The other alpha is in the pack house and sleeping. What would happen if the pack knew that the alpha’s mate is a male, a male that cannot produce an offspring? Will they accept it or will they go against Yuya and Dai-chan?

“Rest for now, boy. Everything will be alright.” I nodded but I went to Dai-chan’s room instead of mine. He’s still sleeping and Yuya was there with him.

“Yuya, I cannot do this. I cannot be your beta. Hikaru, I feel bad for Hikaru.”
“If I can save you from this, I will but the goddess herself chose you to be the new beta.”
“I don’t like this at all. I can feel that this is going to be difficult.”
“It will and I want you to be there with me. I feel bad for Hikaru too, but he won’t do anything that will endanger the pack.”
I nodded. Yuya was right, Hikaru might be an ass but he cares about the pack and he will not do anything that will harm any of us. I looked at the sleeping boy and I heard a low growl from Yuya.

“I won’t touch him, I’m just worried about him. He will be thrown into the midst of everything being your mate and all. I wonder if he can take it.”
“He can and he will.”
“Just don’t be too harsh on him. If you do anything stupid and hurt him, alpha or not I will hurt you.”
“Is that a threat?”
“I don’t threat people.”
“Speaking like a true beta. Well then, I can expect your full loyalty to me, the pack and my mate.”
“Of course. ”

Jin’s POV  

I took a walk to the thick forest far from the pack and sheltered from civilization only welcomed by a poisoned dagger on my neck.

“Why did you call me here?” I heard a sweet voice. Sweet voice but dangerous and I haven’t heard it in years.
“Tomo-chan, relax. It’s just me.
“All the reason I cannot drop my weapon. We agreed that we won’t see each other anymore, why did you call me Jin?”
“I want to know why your son is my son’s mate? ”
“Daisuke? ”
“No, your youngest.”
“What?! That can’t be. My Dai-chan.?”  Tomo looked confused. “He cannot be.”
“The goddess’ thinks otherwise.”
“I don’t care! My boy won’t be mated to a werewolf.”
“Don’t call me that! Shit! We were through this Jin.”
“I know, we tried to avoid it last time but our children found their way to each other.”
“My boy, where is he?”
“He’s with the pack, with Yuya and Ryosuke. Speaking of Ryosuke, he didn’t sense anything about you. That boy is an idiot sometimes, he could have been killed.”
“Did you really think I would kill my son’s friend?!”
“No. I’m sorry.” I better not get into her skin or she will kill me. Tsk!
“No Jin. My son is not going to be mated to your boy. That is final.”
“But, the pack needs the boy. It will be the only way for the pack to survive---please Tomo. For my Yuya and for your son too---”
“No! I will not---shhh! Someone’s here.”  I sniffed the surroundings and she was right. I didn’t hear of smell anything but Tomo was right. I felt her warm body touched mine and in an instant, she was in fighting stance. She was looking at a darker part of the woods. I had to adjust my vision to see what was coming.
“Tomo! ” I panicked when she wasn’t beside me anymore but she flipped a rouge werewolf on the ground and slicing its neck with her poisoned dagger. For a moment, I was mesmerized.

She moved swiftly and gracefully, like when we were younger. When I thought she was my forever. When we thought we were meant to be together, until I broke her heart because Kame, my mate came to my life.

“Jin! There are more!”

I shifted to my wolf form and ran to her. It has been a very long time since I fought side by side with Tomo, a rouge hunter.

-------------------------------------------------------End of Chapter 6 --------------------------------------------------


Title:  Captivated 5 (Book 1 of SEASONS OF THE MOON Series)
Author: thatgurlhunts
Pairing: Takaki Yuya x Arioka Daiki  
Rating: PG
Warning: cursing, language and bad grammar
Summary: Arioka Daiki is a 17-year old human, non-existing boy at school. He stays low and unnoticed to hide his dark secret. He’s gay. Takaki Yuya, a werewolf and the soon to be Alpha of his pack, has been looking for his mate ever since he had his 18th birthday.


``Ryosuke, who is that boy?``
``He`s my friend from school. A friend Alpha..``
Jin walked inside the house followed by the Beta, Koki, Ryosuke and the tensed Yuya. They all walked to Ryosuke`s room and a growl came out from the back of Yuya`s throat. It was so low but it didn`t escape the alpha`s absolute sense of hearing. Ryosuke opened his bedroom door and they all saw a sleeping boy. Jin`s eyes widened to see the boy and a memory came flashing through but it was interrupted when he felt Yuya`s footstep stopped midway.

``What happened to him?``
``I found him down the footstep of the stairs and was unconscious.`` Yuya whimpered. Jin nodded then he stared at the boy.
``All of you leave the room, now.``

They all left. They weren`t sure what will happen but Alpha Jin wouldn`t do anything bad as to kill an innocent human. He was inside for a good fifteen minutes before he came out. They were all curious of what happened and Yuya instinctively ran inside only to see Daiki still sleeping.

``Ryosuke, take the boy to the guest room and call his parents, tell them the boy will stay with you for the night. His wounds should be fine by morning.``
``Yes, alpha. Thank you.`` Ryosuke went inside the room and carried the sleeping Daiki. They were of the same height but with Ryosuke`s strength which is of course far from human, he was able to carry the boy. Yuya whimpered at the corner.
``Yuya, tell your mother to prepare something soft and warm for the boy.``
``Yes.``  Yuya walked away but not before giving Daiki another glance.
``Koki, I have to go somewhere. Look after the pack while I`m gone.``
Koki looked confused but he nodded. ``Yes, alpha.``

Yuya`s POV

The huge brown wolf beside Daiki`s bed rolled its eyes when I growled at him. I walked on the wolf, Ryosuke licking Daiki`s bruises and my sanity almost jumped off the window!

Kid, you`re really pissing me off! Stay away from him, now!
No can do. Remember, I`m his f-r-i-e-n-d and you`re a senior who was stupid enough to hurt him when you had that fight with Hikaru.
It was an accident!
He doesn`t know you personally Yuya. Dai-chan will wake up anytime now and I`m sure he`ll ask why you and Hikaru are here.
Well, technically this is my house.
Exactly! So if you want me to put a good word for you, listen to me.
You`re really getting into my nerves Ryosuke. Don`t forget that I`m going to be your alpha.
You`re not yet my alpha, we`re still equal. Don`t get too cocky with me yet.

The brown wolf bared its teeth but stopped when the sleeping boy whimpered, Ryosuke immediately shifted. I panicked and I shifted into my wolf form. Ryosuke snickered.

You`re really a Bakaki!
Someday, I`ll definitely kill you brat!

Ryosuke laughed then turned to Daiki who opened his eyes.
``Are you feeling better now?``
``My head hurts a bit but gyaaaaah!``
``There-there..there`s a w-wolf! There!``  Daiki was pointed at me, shaking.
Ryosuke snapped when he remembered.
``It`s alright. It`s my pet.``
``What? You keep a wolf for a pet—gyahhh!``  Daiki screamed again when I snarled at Ryosuke. To make matters worse, Daiki climbed on to Ryosuke`s lap and Ryosuke licked Daiki`s cheek! What the f***ing hell!!
``Down boy! Bad wolf. Out of the room. now!`` Ryosuke pointed at the door with his eyes laughing and he wrapped his arms around my Daiki! Did I say my? Whatever! He`s mine!

I sooo love this Yuya!
You`re a piece of shit Ryosukeeee!

I almost choke when a strong pair of arms yanked me away and stopped me from murdering my younger friend.

Easy boy!
Kei! Let me kill that brat!
Shh! Shut up, come on.

Ryosuke giggled.
``What`s funny Yama-chan?``
``Hmm? Nothing.``
``Is it gone?``
``Yes. The big bad wolf is gone.``
``Thank goodness. That was scary.``
Ryosuke laughed.
``It was a wolf Yama-chan but you treated it like a dog.``
``I know, I should be sorry but I`m not.``  Ryosuke giggled again.

``Relax,Ryosuke`s just making fun of you.``
I barked at Kei when the door closed. I shifted to human form and he threw me a shirt.
``I know that of course, but he`s pushing it to the limit.`` Kei snickered. Gosh, this guy`s so unsupportive.
``So what are you going to do? The boy is going to stay here for the night. You cannot hide Yuya and you know it.``
``I`m not going to hide!``
``And risk yourself and us being exposed if you cannot control Cana.``
``Cana is fine. He`s surprisingly calm tonight.``
We walked together to the living room with Hikaru storming in from the front door with a grim look on his face.

``This is ridiculous!!``  Hikaru muttered. ``No way in hell! Shit!!``
``Hikaru, are you alright?``  Kei touched Hikaru`s shoulder but he shrugged him off.
``Hey! That`s rude!``  He never failed to irritate me. Hikaru hissed at us and continued walking to his room and slammed the door.
``What happened to him?`` Kei looked sad. Among us, Kei never stopped caring about Hikaru. I always thought that Kei had a thing for him but surprisingly, Kei is one of those werewolves who doesn`t have a mate and I feel truly sorry because he`s so beautiful and if he had a mate, that girl or guy would be so lucky. I sighed, how the moon goddess can leave my friend to be single his whole life. Well, Kei doesn`t mind it but I`m bothered and Hikaru haven`t found his mate yet. I hope he does, the poor boy needs to loosen up a bit and a good mate would put him in place, take care of him and make him happy. How can I be happy with my mate if my friends are suffering like this? And Ryosuke`s 18th birthday is just around the corner, he`ll find his mate soon.

Daiki`s POV

It`s my first time at Yama-chan`s house and his room. I haven`t seen the entire place yet and I`m so excited.

``I called your mom and she`s fine with you staying here tonight.``
``What?! Did you..did you tell them..``
``No. Don`t worry, I didn`t tell them anything.``
``Thanks Yama-chan.``
``I got your back.`` I smiled at him.
The door opened and a beautiful woman came in.

``Thank goodness you`re awake.``  My eyes widened for the woman cupped my cheeks.
``He`s so cute Ryo-chan. What`s your name?``
``Aioaa Daioki`` How could I speak if she`s was squishing my cheeks and lips.
``What did he say hun?`` She turned to Yama-chan.
``Arioka Daiki. I call him Dai-chan, he`s my schoolmate.``
``Ah! It`s such a cute name. Call me Kame.``
``Nice to meet you, Yamada-san.``
``Yamada?`` Kame tilted her head.
``Ah Daiki-chan, she`s not my mom. She`s…``
We all turned when two boys peeked.

What is Takaki doing here?

``Oh, he`s awake.`` The beautiful boy smiled at me and nudged Takaki who almost jumped.
``A-Are you okay now?``  Takaki looked at me for a second then he looked away.
``Y-yeah, thanks.``
``Hmm. Dai-chan, Kame-chan is Takaki`s mom and this is their house.`` Ryosuke explained.
``What?! Oh, I`m so sorry I was so rude.`` I scrambled to get up and bow but my aching head betrayed me. I found myself in the arms of non other than Takaki Yuya! Eh, how did he get here that fast?
``Oi!`` I felt that my face was so hot and I swear I saw Yuya`s eyes changed color again but they changed back.
``Dear, I don`t think you`re fine now. Stay here and I `ll have your food brought here.``
``No. I can…``
``No complaints. My house, my rules. Now, you stay here. Boys lets go and let him rest.``
Well, isn`t it nice? I was left alone but I was somewhat thankful for it gave me time to comprehend things.

Why am I at Yuya`s house and Yama-chan seems close to them. Even the beautiful senpai was here too. Are they related? My thoughts were interrupted when I heard soft knocks and the door opened. My heart almost jumped out of my chest when Yuya came back with a tray of food.

``M-My mom prepared something for you to eat. This should be okay and help you with better digestion.`` I watched him placed the tray on the bedside table. I felt like I`m in the hospital. Well, without the hospital part, I am technically a patient.
``T-Thanks again.`` I wondered if he heard that.
The soft bed dipped down when Yuya sat on it. He scooted over and reached for my cheek. I flinched when his fingers touched my chubby cheek. It was embarrassing. I realized that he touched a small cut for he touched something tender and it hurt.

``Your beautiful face was …it was hurt.``
``T-Takaki?`` I froze when he leaned down and I felt warm and wet touched my cheek.

Wait. Did he just lick my face? I heard him giggle before I passed out.

---------------------------------- End of Chapter 5 ----------------------------------

NOTE:  I`m so sorry for the super late update. Thank you all for waiting. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!


Title:  Captivated 4 (Book 1 of SEASONS OF THE MOON Series)
Author: thatgurlhunts
Pairing: Takaki Yuya x Arioka Daiki  
Rating: PG
Warning: cursing, language and bad grammar
Summary: Arioka Daiki is a 17-year old human, non-existing boy at school. He stays low and unnoticed to hide his dark secret. He’s gay. Takaki Yuya, a werewolf and the soon to be Alpha of his pack, has been looking for his mate ever since he had his 18th birthday.

Daiki’s POV

“You guys are so mean. You went to watch the game without inviting me!”  Kamiki was pouting for he was not invited.
“Because we know that you’ll be whining and irritate us to no end if you were there.” Haruna scoffed.
“Even so, you could have been nice enough and asked me.”
“I’m sorry Kamiki. Next time, we’ll ask you for sure.” I grinned at him. He’s a good guy.
“Is that a promise?”
“Yep. Stop pouting man, you’re gross!”
I watched as Haru-chan and Kamiki joked with each other. They are so good together. I sighed and bid them goodbye to get my books in my locker. I hate being alone for it’s scary and I feel like the people around me are continuously watching me and I feel uncomfortable. I was so lost in thought that I didn’t see a brunette guy in front of me.

“I told you to watch where you’re going.”  Oh no! It’s him. But what made me speechless was the warm feeling that flowed through my body. Takaki dragged  me under the stairs and pinned me on the wall. My heart was beating a thousand beat and I couldn’t breathe.  His face was so close to me and I could feel his warm breath. His face was getting closer and I swear I saw his eyes changed color from brown to golden yellow. My eyes travelled to his lips and for a second I fantasized that I was kissing them.

“What are you doing?”
“Huh? Uh, nothing.” I swallowed hard. He totally ruined my moment.
“Were you thinking of kissing me?”
“Yes!What? No way! I mean..no.” I really can’t breathe anymore. Please kiss me so I can breathe again. Wait, isn’t that suicide? If he kissed me, I’ll die of suffocation. You’re so stupid Daiki.

“Be careful. If you’re always spacing out, you might hurt yourself.”
“Y-yes.” Does he care about me?  My cheeks were warm and I knew I was blushing.
Takaki licked his lips and swallowed. He leaned his face on me. No way! I closed my eyes. This is not possible. Okay, maybe a little, but he has a girlfriend! Somebody help me!

“Yuya!”  I felt the warmth went away and I missed it in an instant. It was embarrassing. We were caught by another senior. A beautiful senior, I heard his name’s Kei. Yeah, Inoo Kei.
“What are you doing Yuya? Let’s go.” Was it my imagination? His eyes turned back to brown and he turned serious leaving me with weak knees and damaged lungs. Just at the same time my friends arrived too.

``Dai-chan. Did he hurt you? Tell me. I`m going to kick his ass. `` Haruna and Kamiki  ran to my rescue.
``N-No. I`m fine.``
``Are you sure?``
``Yes. Thanks.``

I was already in class when my thoughts travelled again to when Takaki Yuya was about to kiss me. Or was he? He was so warm and his breath was minty and his face… Shit! It was all a joke. He wasn’t going to kiss me, he was about to strangle me to death. I shivered at the thought but with the way he looked at me, it was like he has found his prey, and his eyes, they were golden. I’m not sure but I think I’ve seen them before but I don’t remember where.

Where have I seen those eyes?
-“Arioka..tion..after class.”
They were scary but I don’t feel any fear at all. I sighed.
“Arioka-kun! See you in detention after class!” 
“Ehhhhhh!”   The whole class was laughing at me.
Takaki. This is all your fault!

I was on my way to detention room and about to go down the stairs when somebody pushed me. I tried to see who it was but there was no one there. I must have hit my head for when my back reached the cold floor, my world turned black.
“-chan.. Dai-chan.”
I don’t remember how long I was out but I remember somebody lifted me and carried me away from that awful place.

Yuya’s POV

I’m a goner. I totally lost it. I just wanted to see him. I want to look into his eyes but with the slightest touch of our bodies sent me to the edge. It was warm and sparks ran through my body.  Cana was growling desperately. Our mate smells sweet and delicious. My wolf moved and we dragged him away from the crowd. His jaw and his neck, I would love to run my lips on them and bite him, mark him as mine. He’s short, soft and beautiful. So perfect.

“So, he’s your mate huh.”  Kei`s voice brought me back to focus.
“What? How did you know?”
“You almost ravished him right there and bit him. If I didn’t arrive on time, Cana would have taken over you.”
“It sucks I know.”
“There’s still time. You better work fast to claim him before the next full moon. Your wolf is getting crazy.”
“Yeah. Thanks for coming.”
“Anytime Alpha.”

I wasn’t myself the entire day until my father called me through mind link to run home immediately. When I reached the woods, Kei was already there waiting.

``Where`s Ryosuke?``
``He cannot join. He needs to take care of a friend.``
``Alright. Let`s go.``  We both shifted into our wolf form and ran as fast as we can to reach the pack. . Some rouges were running outside our territory and they need the fighters to be on guard. I have to be there too as the future alpha.

Running with Kei is one of the best. He’s fast, strong, agile and comforting. His fur is beautiful and he has grace. I thought of my mate, only if he can shift he can run with me. I wondered what kind of wolf he’ll be? What would his fur look like? What color? I bet it’s beautiful too.

“Yuya concentrate!”
“Shit! If you’re going to get crazy every time you think of your mate, I’d better step in. I’ll device a plan for you.”
“No need. I’m sorry. I’ll focus now.”
“You better! You’re the next alpha. You have to be strong and focused. Your relationship with your mate will earn protest from the pack and if you’ll lose yourself like this everytime, you will never win and you will never be able to protect the pack and your mate.”
“You’re right.”  Another thing I like about Kei. He’s smart and levelheaded. He’s perfect to be my Beta. Unfortunately though, if we’re going to follow tradition, Hikaru will be the next in-line for Beta unless somebody will prove to be better than him.
“By the way, what’s the deal with the rouges?”  I asked him.
“They were trying to catch two wolves. Father and son.``
`` I see. Let`s go faster.``

We were met by other pack members, mostly fighters. Older wolves, women and children are left in the pack village and other fighters also staybehind to protect. We need to finish this fast so I could get to see my mate. I always watch him as he gets home. I`m not a stalker, okay? I just want him to be safe.

The fight already started and my father was furious about it. They went to attack the rogues without his permission and I knew he’s pissed about it and he’ll get to the bottom of what happened. It took us almost three hours to fully secure the perimeter and rescue the escaped wolves. Fortunately, we don`t have any casualty, only wounded fighters but they`ll heal immediately. We went to check on the two that we’ve saved.

``What do you have to report?`` My father asked. My dad Jin, is a respectable man. He holds command in the pack and everyone follows him. He`s strong and charming. Strict, but loving. He protects the pack, his family and he loves my mother, Kame very much. I want to be as great as him.

``Alpha, Okamoto Kenichi together with his son, Keito was a member of Sunrise Pack but their pack was reduced to nothing when rouges attacked them. They believed the rouges conspired with other members of the pack to kill their alpha and beta and take over the pack. When the war broke out, the mother died protecting the boy and the father could have stayed too but he needed to take his son to safety and fled. They were prisoners but escaped and they were hunted by the rouges to be sold. Both were badly wounded but the father was able to tell us the story before he was taken to the pack doctor. ”

“What’s their condition now?”
“They are still sleeping. Given around one or two days, they will be awake and we can question them anytime.”
“Alright. Yuya, place four of our best guards to look after them.”
“Yes, alpha.” I bowed to my father.
“ Koki, call for an emergency meeting. Everybody has to join, no exception.”
“Yes, alpha.”  Hikaru’s father Koki, bowed and went out to deliver the message.

We all walked back to the main house when I saw Hikaru with a grim expression. I know he’s an ass but this time, he looked troubled and he wants to kill somebody. Who could have pissed him off again? I shrugged my shoulders but Kei elbowed me.

“The fighters were talking about Hikaru setting foot out of the boundary line when the rogues were about to go for the kill on the boy. Hikaru killed two of the rogues taking the boy within the boundary and then the fight started. ”
I hissed at Kei.  “What?!”  
“You heard me. He’s gone crazy.”  Kei snickered. Hikaru never cared about anybody. Not me, Ryosuke or Kei. We all grew up together but he never cared. But why the boy?

There was tension in the meeting hall when we arrived.
“Who brought a human here?” My father looked serious.
I scanned the area and all the wolves were agitated. Humans are not allowed unless they are mated with a pack member.  I sniffed and my blood turned cold. It’s Daiki’s scent! But why is he here? My dad ran to the main house and I followed. They might hurt my mate!
We all stopped when Ryosuke stopped us by the door. I growled at him.

“Please Alpha.” He bowed. “ I’m the one who brought him here. He was hurt and I couldn’t take him to the infirmary or bring him back to his home without creating a fuzz. I will take all the responsibility but let him stay here and not to hurt him.”

Cana is furious. I’m furious. Daiki’s scent is all over Ryosuke. Daiki is mine. My sanity snapped and I lunged at him and pinned him to the ground. We both shifted and we tried to bit each other’s neck. I couldn’t control my anger. He whimpered when I bit his front leg. I was tackled to the ground in no time no-other than my father while Beta Koki was with Ryosuke.

“Stop it. Both of you!” We relaxed and shifted back to human form. Ryosuke’s shoulder was bleeding. “Yuya, enough!”

“Ryosuke, who is that human? Who is he to you?”

Give the wrong answer Ryosuke and I’ll kill you.

-------------------------------------------------------End of Chapter 4 --------------------------------------------------


Title:  Captivated 3 (Book 1 of SEASONS OF THE MOON Series)
Author: thatgurlhunts
Pairing: Takaki Yuya x Arioka Daiki  
Rating: PG
Warning: cursing, language and bad grammar
Arioka Daiki is a 17-year old human, non-existing boy at school. He stays low and unnoticed to hide his dark secret. He’s gay. Takaki Yuya, a werewolf and the soon to be Alpha of his pack, has been looking for his mate ever since he had his 18th birthday.

This will be my last update for this week. Aki is going to be very busy again. To those who dropped their comments, thank you very much. I`ll get back to you at a later time. Ja-ne!

Yuya`s POV

Ruby is my girlfriend. We have been together for almost two years. I have strong feelings for her and I was sure that she`s my mate but, I was wrong. Now, the feelings I have for her are slowly disappearing and I`m starting to see her as the bitch she is. She`s very clingy and spoiled. We were making out yesterday and I tried to get into it but the feeling of me making out with another person felt wrong. I felt sick and I knew I wouldn`t be able to easily have sex with her anymore. I want my mate. It’s my mate whom I want to kiss and have sex with and not her!

I`m totally fucked up!

I heard a knock on my door and my aunt opened it. I sighed in relief for Aunt Tat-chan is not as crazy as the rest of my family and I`m comfortable with her.

``Yuya. I know something`s bothering you. Why don`t you tell it to me?``
``I-It`s nothing``
``You can`t lie to me, I practically took care of you when you were a baby.`` She was right, she used to take care of me and I always loved going to their house to play. Like my mother, she knows me inside and out.
``I found my mate.``
``Really? Oh goodness, this is great. So how is she?``
``Kyaa! I knew it. I want to meet her Yu-chan.`` She called me Yu-chan again. I haven`t had that name for a long time.
``It`s..It`s complicated.``
``She`s going to be part of our family. Does your mom and dad know about her?``  I shook my head.
``Why not? You should tell them. It`s time for them to meet their future daughter-in-law.`` I blushed. I like the idea but I cannot tell them that my mate is a..
``Yu-chan? What`s wrong?``
``Aunt Tat-chan..my mate..my mate is a guy.``
She froze and stared at me.``Oh.That`s why you don`t want to talk about it?``
``So that`s what`s bothering you.`` I almost jumped when my uncle opened the door. When did he get there? I didn’t even hear him approaching.
``Are you sure he`s a guy? There must be some kind of a mistake.``
``No. I`ve seen him and my wolf told me he`s my mate.``
``Who is he?``
``I don`t know his name.``
He scratched the back of his head.
``When do you plan on telling your parents?``
``I don`t know. They might not like it that their only son is gay and his mate is a guy.``
``Yuya, they`re your parents. I`m sure they`ll understand and they also know that you don`t have a choice about the matter. Think about it and tell them properly, alright?``
``Yes. Thanks uncle, Aunt Tat-chan.``
``Anytime dear.``

I`ve been stressed the past few days but I agreed when Ruby asked me to go eat with her and her friends. They were already there chatting happily and I heard two people yelling at each other but I didn`t pay attention then I bumped into someone. Sparks flew everywhere and a warm current ran through my body, I knew it`s him.
I was about to reach out to catch him but something stopped me; I let him hit the floor. I heard a ``thud`` and I knew he was hurt. I winced and my wolf whimpered.

Stupid Yuya!

``I-I`m sorry.`` Oh god. His voice brought shivers to my spine. I closed my eyes and I tried to register it to my mind. I also inhaled his scent to make sure I`ll find him anywhere when he`s out of my sight. My hand holding Ruby tightened as his scent took over my entire being. My wolf Cana, is about to surface. If I don`t stop him, he`ll make me jump on the boy and mark him here in-front of many people. The boy noticed my movement and looked at my hand. Then I saw it. Shock, pain and disappointment registered on his face. But why? I fought the urge to take him into my arms.

``Watch where you`re going.``
``Y-Yes.``  I dragged Ruby away from him. Ruby snickered and I almost snarled at her. I know I`m slowly falling in love with him but I must not. I`m the future Alpha and I cannot have a guy for a mate.
My wolf growled again in protest.Cana whimpered when I didn`t see our mate anywhere after that.

I walked Ruby back to her class after lunch.
``Hey baby. Anything wrong?`` She raised her hand to touch my face down to my chest.
``Mou—you`re always so sweet but now, you`re so cold. Let me warm you up.`` Ruby kissed me fully in the lips. If I haven`t found my mate, I would have moaned in pleasure but now, I really want to spit. It felt disgusting.
``Ruby, not now.``
``But I want you baby.``
``Ruby.`` She didn`t stop instead she dragged into an empty store room and we had quick sex before she went back to class. I felt so dirty.

``It`s rare that you ditch class.``
I opened my eyes to see my bestfriend, Yamada Ryosuke. I ran to the rooftop after doing it with Ruby. I needed to breathe.
``You were looking for me?``
``Nah. I just want to breathe that`s why I skipped class too.``
``You`re still young and you`re pretty cocky.``
``It happens when you have the future Alpha as your bestfriend.``
``I can smell Ruby`s scent on you. Just make sure you won`t get caught by any of the teachers again. Getting into a fight is different from having sex at school.``
``I know.`` I sighed. Sometimes I wonder if Ryosuke is really younger than me.
``You were not into it. Did you lose your interest in her?``
``You got a new girl?``
``It`s your mate. You found her.``
``What? How did you know?``
``I can see it in your face. How many in our pack have I`ve seen go through those changes the moment they found their mate. You`re not very observant, Alpha. Who is she?``
``I don`t know the name.``
``Well, you`re so slow. I didn’t know that the future Alpha is a chicken.``
``It`s not like that. It`s..It`s different.``
``How so?``
``Well, my mate..my mate is a guy.``
``What?! That`s impossible. But I met him and Cana has been annoying me to my limits and demanding to mate with him.``
``So, you`re…gay?``  Ryosuke leaned to whisper the question.
``Unbelievable. The great Takaki Yuya is gay.``
I snarled at him but Ryosuke growled back then chuckled.
``You better do something about it man. You won`t be able to stop it no matter what. You`ll just end up with a broken heart if continue to reject him. Somebody might even steal him from you.``
My eyes went wide. I never thought of that. Of course, he`s human and he`s beautiful. Some guys would want to get their hands on him.
No way. Nobody will touch my mate. He`s mine.

Daiki`s POV

I was not on the mood for dinner. It was the first time I got interested with a guy and he already has a girlfriend. God, it hurts. ``Dai-chan! What happened to you?``  My mom ran to my side and that`s when I realized that I was crying.
``Did someone hurt you at school? Tell me. Who did it?`` Daisuke is now fuming in  anger. Ahh, here we go again.
``Nobody bullies me. Nobody knows I`m gay.``
``Then why are you crying, dear?`` Mom kept on stroking my hair.
``A boy right?``  My dad finished my statement. I nodded.
``You like a boy? Is he from school? Why don’t you bring him here? Is he Kamiki-kun or Yama-chan?``
``He`s from school, but not Kamiki or Yama-chan and the boy, he has..he has a girlfriend.``  I sobbed loudly like the stupid me, a boy sobbing because of a guy who broke his heart. It`s embarrassing.
``That sucks, bro.``
The phone rang and my brother took it.
``Yo, Daichan. Haruna is on the line. She`s asking if you want to watch the local baseball game tonight.``
``You better go and clear your head.`` Isn`t my dad awesome? I took the phone from my brother and spoke with Haru-chan.

Yuya`s POV

I wanted to watch this baseball game and I got lucky to get a ticket but I hated it when Ruby insisted on coming, and for some unknown reason she has a ticket. I knew she doesn`t like these kinds of things but now she`s with me. We were buying chips, spicy chicken and beer when I spotted a cute girl at the entrance of the stadium. When I saw her, she made me think of my mate. I sighed but my nose was filled with that familiar scent. Cana`s ears moved and he opened his eyes.
He`s here. Our mate is here. Where is he?


My eyes turned to the cute girl and found her with my mate. Wait, The cute girl`s date is my mate? I hissed at their direction and I wanted to bite her hand holding my mate. My patience snapped when the girl kissed him. Growl escaped my mouth and it made Ruby shiver, pulling me back to reality.
``Baby, what`s wrong?``
Cana whimpered again but I could feel his anger towards me.

I`m totally in heat. My mind is on my mate. He`s sitting several rows away from me but I could still smell him from here. It was a torture for I can`t even touch him. He smells so delicious and intoxicating. I had to hold on to my seat or I`ll jump to his direction and ravish him on the spot. I was startled when Ruby touched my thigh I almost bit her arm. Stupid girl. Ruby rubbed my thigh but what she did fueled my desire to kiss my mate, claim him and make him squirm under me and moan my name. Shit! I want him right now. Cana is pacing back and forth and waiting for his chance to take control over me. Fortunately, the crowd roared in cheers distracting me. I saw my mate stood up holding his cell phone. He`s probably going to take a call. I found my chance. I left my seat and chased him. I found him talking on the phone smiling and I stood on my spot.

Cana growled at me but I subdued him. He cannot surface now and force the boy to mate with us for it will definitely  hurt him. With a closer look, he`s more beautiful. His bright as a sunshine smile captivated me. Me, the future Alpha fell so deeply in-love with my mate.

----------------------------------End of Chapter 3 ---------------------------------


Title:  Captivated 2  (Book 1 of SEASONS OF THE MOON Series)
Author: thatgurlhunts
Pairing: Takaki Yuya x Arioka Daiki  
Rating: PG
Warning: cursing, language and bad grammar
Summary: Arioka Daiki is a 17-year old human, non-existing boy at school. He stays low and unnoticed to hide his dark secret. He’s gay. Takaki Yuya, a werewolf and the soon to be Alpha of his pack, has been looking for his mate ever since he had his 18th birthday.

What`s the best way to take a break from writing? Write again. Haha! Here`s an update peeps bcoz I love you all and tomorrow`s my day off.

Daiki`s POV

My body still hurts. It`s been three days since I got squished under 2 tall war freaks. My stomach muscles contracts from time to time and make me wince in pain but it`s bearable. Anyway, I saw my bestfriend Yama-chan at the PE ground and he`s intently looking at his phone like he wants to smash it into pieces. I thought of scaring him a bit, so I sneaked behind him without him noticing. I plan to grab him on his sides and I was an inch away from him when he said.
``Dai-chan, you know it won’t work.``
``How did you know?``
``I can smell you.``
``Huh?`` I raised both my hands and smelled my armpits. ``I don`t stink.``
Yama-chan laughed at me.
``I don’t mean that. You have this certain smell that`s very unique of you.``
``You’re weird.`` I swear I heard him laughed but it was more like a playful bark.
``That`s why we`re friends.`` He started walking away and I made a move to follow him when I noticed someone familiar. I gasped when I recognized him. It was the tall, brunette guy and he`s staring at me! Why`s he here? He`s supposed to be suspended for a week. Oh, god. This is my end. He`s going to kill me! But I noticed by the way he looked at me that he might have beautiful eyes, his hair looks soft as it moved through the gentle breeze and his lips..I wondered what they taste like. My eyes widened when I realized that I been imagining weird things about that guy.
``Ne, Yama-chan. Do you know who---eh! Yama-chan?``  That asshole. He left me.

Yuya`s POV

My life has been pretty quiet so far until I let Hikaru get into my skin. I remembered those pair of the most beautiful eyes I`ve seen but what`s most shocking was they belong to a guy. My heart raced and my breathing escalated just seeing how beautiful he was. Wait. Did I just say he`s beautiful?
Cana shut up. My wolf scoffed at me
That can`t be true because he`s a guy. We`re both guys! 
But I felt pain when I saw him ran away from me with a scared expression. Did he feel our connection?
It`s now 5am and I`m still awake. It`s been three days since the incident but I still can`t forget his face. I`ve been racking my brains here, thinking of what really happened. I know I`m not gay and I have a girlfriend for goodness sake. And it`s not right for me to think of other person, much more a guy.
My wolf growled in protest
Cana I know. And if he`s really my mate, it means that I have to break it with Ruby.

Ahh. I need to talk with somebody or I`ll go crazy. Maybe I can talk to my dad but I`m sure he`ll squeeze the truth from me. Mom, she`s be fine with it but she`s crazy. I buried my face on my pillow letting myself growl in annoyance.

I know it`s time for school and I`m on suspension but I have to make sure. I changed clothes and passed by my dad at the garage.
``Yuya, where are you going?``
``Out. I`m not going to do anything stupid, I promise.``
``Come back early, your uncle is coming to visit with his mate.``

I`m not allowed at school but I had to find him. I have to confirm it. He`s scent is not familiar with me and which made it difficult for me to find him. I didn`t give up until I finally found him at the PE ground walking. He must have sensed my presence for he looked at my direction and my heart stopped. Again, I was lost in those eyes of him. He really is my mate. But who is he? What`s his name?

Because of the incident, my uncle Ryo came to visit our home together with his mate, Ueda Tatsuya (gender switched). By the way, she`s human. Eventhough she`s human, she`s a female. I don`t see anything wrong with it. But what about mine?
``Yuya. You have been staring at my mate. Anything wrong?``
``Huh? Nothing uncle.``
``Are you sure?``
``Yeah. I was just curious how you got a human for a mate. Sorry Aunt Tat-chan. I`m just curious.``
My beautiful aunt chuckled. `` I think Yuya has finally found his mate. Am I right dear?``
For a human, my aunt is perceptive and smart.
``N-No. I haven`t. I`m just curious.``
``Well, I would like you to introduce her to me as soon as you found her, okay?``
``Yuya. The spirits choose a person that`s destined for us and that person will stand by our side forever. She can be human or werewolf, but she will make you complete. Just be careful for the moment you found her and you ignore or reject her as your mate, you will grow weak. The same thing will happen to your mate for one cannot live without the other.``
``It`s that serious?``
``You will even have these sudden urges to claim her anytime you see her especially when the full moon approaches. The urge to mate with her will become stronger.``
The thought of claiming the beautiful boy shot my temperature upwards and I blushed.

Cana,  not now. Sheesh.
I want our mate
Stop it!

``Yuya. Are you okay?``
``Y-Yes. Excuse me, I`m full.`` I stood up and left my family on the table. The boy`s face passed my vision again and I having a hard on! I ran to the bathroom to get a cold shower.
My wolf snickered.

Daiki`s POV

The way he looked at me this morning was so intense. I don`t know whether he`s angry at me or wants to eat me. I bit my lips and my thoughts wandered again, remembering his face. My body felt hot. I imagined him kissing me and running his hands all over my body. Huh? Oh, shit. This is bad. I banged my head on my locker for I know that I`m going crazy.

``Stupid! What are you doing?!`` I topped hurting myself when I heard a familiar voice. A voice I haven`t heard for almost two years.
``Haru-chaaaaaaan!`` I jumped on the girl. She`s Haruna and one of my besties too. Well, I`ve known her longer than Yama-chan but she was in the US for eighteen months as an exchange student. You see, she`s smart.
``You`re back. I missed you.``
``I missed you too, babe.`` She gave me a peck on the lips. Okay, keep cool guys. She`s the only girl (aside from my mom) who kisses me. We`re not an item either, we`re friends and she knows I`m gay. Well, she is gay too, in a certain way.
``Kamiki told me you were hurt.``
``Ah. It was an accident, it wasn`t serious.``
``Who did it this time?``
``They`re seniors.``
``They? What kind of trouble did you get into this time?``
``Haru-chan. I`m fine.``
``Yeah. And they even sent you to the infirmary.``
``I`m sorry.``
``Don`t apologize. Just stay away from trouble. Come on, I haven`t had anything since this morning. Let`s eat.``

Haruna dragged me to the cafeteria and we were joined by Kamiki, one of our friends. I haven`t told him that I`m gay for I don`t want to lose him as a friend. He got along well with Haru and me. He also stands up for me when some idiot bunch of kids bullies me at school. By the way where the hell is Yama-chan when you need him? He haven`t met Haruna and I`m sure they`ll like each other`s company too.

``Kamiki, who hurt Dai-chan?``
``Takaki Yuya and Yaotome Hikaru. They`re seniors from the basketball team. They had an argument and dragged Dai-chan into their mess.``
``What? Dai-chan, seriously. Are you invisible?``  Haruna shot at me.
``You could say that.‘
``Aw man. That sucks.``
Well, the three of us haven`t gathered for a long time and it`s a refreshing feeling to be with these two again.

I was waiting for my brother to arrive when Haruna approached me.
``So, tell me why were you banging your head earlier?``
And I thought she didn`t notice. But still, I cannot tell her that I`m lusting over one of the hottest, sexiest guy at school. Not to mention, he`s straight. I don`t have the slightest chance.
``Hmm. Well if it becomes difficult for you, I`m always here. Kamiki will be there for you too if you want to..you know. If you want people to officially know that you`re..gay.``
``Thanks Haru-chan.``
``Welcome. I love you babe.``
``I love you too.``
She had a short chit-chat with my brother when he arrived and invited her for dinner but she politely declined.
`Next time, Daisuke nii-chan, I promise.``

I`ve been thinking of Takaki Yuya until late at night that I got hungry. I sneaked into the kitchen to find something to eat. I was washing the dishes when I saw a pair of bright yellow eyes through the window.
``Must be my imagination.`` I shrugged and went back to my room.
It`s almost two weeks since I last saw Takaki and I`m getting weary. I don`t know but I miss him. I know I`m being stupid. How can I miss someone I haven`t even met. Except for our 10-seconds eye encounter, we haven`t talked one bit.
``Can I have your fries?``
``Huh? Oh, alright.`` I shoved my fries at Kamiki.
``Oi. Don’t take Daic-hans`s food.`` Haru-chan threw a ketchup packet on Kamiki.
``But he said I can have it.``
``Still, don`t take it. He might get hungry later.``
``Haru, you`re being a mother hen again.``
``What did you say?!``
Oh no. Kamiki they`re going to start again. I stood up from our table and tried to avoid my two friends who are now having a yelling match when I bumped into somebody. That person shoved me away and I fell on the floor. I winced and I slowly opened my eyes to see that asshole and there stood the guy who has been driving me crazy these past few days, Takaki Yuya. I slowly got up and apologized.

``I-I`m sorry.`` Get a grip Daiki. I tried to restrain my heart that`s been jumping up and down. He didn`t answer, thus I had to look at him and he was glaring at me. Ouch. That hurts. He really hates me. Then I noticed another person beside him. She`s tall and beautiful. She has long black hair and kissable pink lips. My heart sank deeper when I noticed that Takaki was holding her hand. The girl looked at me in disgust.
``Watch where you`re going.``
He`s taken. He already has a girlfriend. I`m really stupid. And  thought I might get a small chance with him, but no.

He`ll never love you Daiki.. Wake up.

                --------------------End of Chapter 2 -------------------


Title:  Captivated  ( Chapter 1)
Author: thatgurlhunts
Pairing: Takaki Yuya x Arioka Daiki  
Rating: PG
Warning: language and bad grammar
Summary: Arioka Daiki is a 17-year old human, non-existing boy at school. He stays low and unnoticed to hide his dark secret. He’s gay. Takaki Yuya, a werewolf and the soon to be Alpha of his pack Silver Moon , has been looking for his mate ever since he had his 18th birthday.

NOTE:  Hello peeps! I just had this sudden urge to write a book series with JUMP as characters. I hope you`ll support me as you did in the past. I might not be able to have this updated quickly, but I`ll make sure to finish everything.
The book title is SEASONS OF THE MOON. It`s consist of four books, CAPTIVATED, ENTICED, MEMORY AND SAVED.
This is the first book, CAPTIVATED and Takaki Yuya and Arioka Daiki will be the main characters.
Please, please,please drop your comments.

WARNING: If you don`t like werevolves, back off! No bashing my stories and my friends who read!

Daiki’s POV

“Dai-chan, tell me when somebody bullies you at school and I don’t want you covering up for them. Understand?”
“Nii-chan, I’m 17 not 7.”
“You’re still my baby brother. Don’t complain.”
I sighed. My brother Daisuke has left high school for like what? Five years? But he still fuzzes over small things about me. He’s over-protective for I’ve always been bullied since my stupid cousin; Kazu “accidentally” mentioned that I’m gay. Five years ago, we went to our grandparents’ house (father side) on Golden Week. We were having dinner when Kazu mentioned to the family of my sexual preference and what happened next? Well,hell broke out. Kazu`s parents’ insulted me. Kazu called me “faggot” and there, my angel of a brother became a demon and punched Kazu in the face eventhough Kazu is older than us. My grandparents wanted me out of the house, and my father said that unless they accept me, we will never see them again. Alas, it’s been years and we never visited them. We always go to my mother’s side of the family for vacation for they were more open-minded.
“Listen to your brother and if somebody touches you at school, make sure to have them reported to your teachers.”
My loveable mother seconded.
“Dad, help here please.”
“Daiki. I think you should join the Kendo club so you would know how to defend yourself.”
I rolled my eyes. This is hopeless. My over-protective family is hopeless.

I hopped out of my father’s car. Seriously, for a 17-year old guy and my father still drives me to school and worse, my brother picks me up in the afternoon. It has been like this since I got home with broken ribs and bruises a year ago. Nobody cares at school whether I’m gay or not but the problem are the people outside. They thought I’m so girly because of my feminine, baby face and chubby cheeks and damn it! My height, I’m short! Total uke- material. Not that I complain but, why is it so obvious that I`m gay! Damn it!

“Morning Dai-chan!” Here comes the one that brightens my day. My bestfriend Yamada Ryosuke, Yama-chan for short (he`s shorter than me, thank goodness). Alright, I’m gay but there’s nothing between us. We’re just friends and let’s keep it that way. He belongs to another year but for some string of luck, we became friends after he saved me from my attackers last year.
“Morning Yama-chan.”We both waved to my dad before he drove away.
“Tough morning, huh.” He commented.
“You have no idea.”
By the way, he’s absolutely straight. Not homophobic but straight. Sorry boys.

Well, time flies so fast. Just a few more hours and the day is over. I’d ask Nii-chan to drop by the convenience store to buy some pocky. I’ll buy a strawberry-flavored one for Yama-chan too. That’s right. For me to survive my Biology class, I’d better think of something else. Don’t get me wrong. My teacher Nishikido-sensei is great but he’s boring. He’s so serious in class. I sighed. I was taking notes when the door burst open and two tall boys were trying to strangle each other and going for each other’s neck. There was a commotion in class. Since my chair is in front, closest to the door (again, because of my family name Arioka) they were fighting in-front of me and I froze on my spot. The brunette head-locked the boy with bleached hair but the other is strong too and he freed himself from the brunette and he took a full swing to punch him. The brunette avoided it but I felt pain on my stomach and my vision blurred before I heard myself dropped on the floor. The brunette tripped and he dropped on me, squishing me in the process. The blonde went for his neck but before any damage could be done; our teacher Nishikido-sensei grabbed both of them to avoid them from breaking every bone in my body.
“Takaki, Yaotome! Stop it now or I swear I’ll hurt both of you!”

My body hurts so much. I tried to move but everything hurts.
“Don’t move yet. Take your time and rest.”
“You scared me Dai-chan. You passed out real good back there.”
“What happened?”
‘Oh no. Your brain’s damaged! I’d better call the nurse.”
“Shut up, idiot. I just want to know what happened after I passed out.”
“Oh. I see. Well, Takaki-kun and Yaotome-kun were taken to the principal’s office. I heard they’re suspended.”
“Just for fighting?”
“Duh! Of course and for dragging you in the process.”
“That’s too bad.”
“I think you really hit your head. How could you feel sorry for those two?”

I had to kick Yama-chan out of the infirmary for him to go back to his own class. I decided to go back to class too. I don’t want to make a fuzz over what happened. I hate attracting too much attention to myself. I passed by an old classroom and I know that nobody uses it but I heard people talking. Out of curiosity, I took a peek and I saw the two guys who were fighting earlier together with Nishikido-sensei.
“The two of you were so childish. You were not thinking of the consequences of your actions. Stupid!”

Whoa. Sensei’s scary.

I had a feeling that I’ll get caught for the brunette turned around and looked at me. I didn’t have the time to hide for my eyes locked with his. In his eyes there were surprised, joy, anger and confusion, but why? Well, before sensei and the blonde could figure me out, I ran away.

Yuya’s POV

Hikaru’s being an ass again. He did nothing but to irritate me since this morning. He teamed up with other guys in the basketball team to shove me around. He’s a bully, a brat. Well, we have a long history but I’ll save that for later. I always drill it to my brain that I’m the future Alpha and my dad, the current Alpha is friends with his dad, the current Beta. And out of respect for both of them, I put up with his stupidity. But this morning was different. The whole pack knew that I’m going to inherit my dad’s position but I cannot do that unless I find my mate first. An Alpha with his Luna is extremely powerful thus my old man cannot retire yet because I haven’t found my mate. And idiot Hikaru commented that I’ll never find my mate ever and it ticked me to no end. I know my mate is somewhere and I just have to keep looking. If I cannot find my Luna, there’s a big possibility that I’ll be overthrown for I have no heir. This sucks.
Going back to what we were talking about, he threw an insult at me and bumped into me intentionally when we met at the hallway. And then it happened. I remember I tackled him and strangled him but he fought back. We’re stronger than ordinary humans thus we damaged a classroom door caused a ruckus and I remember falling down on the floor but something warm and soft cushioned my fall. Also, a pair of strong arms grabbed me and Hikaru.

“Take him to the infirmary immediately.”

Crap. Someone’s hurt because of our stupidity. It’s official. Hikaru’s stupidity is contagious. As a result, we both received a week suspension. We’re lucky that the teacher who caught us, Nishiko-sensei is also Elder Nishikido Ryo, my uncle. Yes, he’s also a werewolf.

It seems that the suspension wasn’t enough and we’re here, inside an old classroom and getting a good scolding from my uncle.

“Yuya. You are the future Alpha, think of what you’re doing. Clear your head and keep calm. How can you lead the pack if you give easily give in to taunting and you Hikaru, you’re supposed to support your Alpha and not go against him.”
“We’re sorry.”
“You better be! You’re lucky you only got a week of suspension. Considering that you damaged my classroom and dragged and hurt one of my students!”
“The two of you were so childish. You were not thinking of the consequences of your actions. Stupid!”

I looked down. My uncle was right. I should have kept calm, but Hikaru really pissed me off. Then I felt a tingling sensation behind my back. I sensed somebody watching us. I turned around to see who it was only to be welcomed by a pair of beautiful eyes.
My wolf Cana perked up, happy and excited. He had the sudden urge to jump the boy who’s looking at me.




What did my wolf say?


Did I hear him right? He’s my mate? But he`s human and he’s a boy!

-------------------------------End of Chapter 1 -----------------------------------


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The Second Princess (Chapter 6 End)

Title: The Second Princess  (Ninohime no Monogatari)
Pairing: Yaotome Hikaru x Arioka Daiki
Rating: PG
Warning: gender switched (Kei, Daiki and Yuri), language and bad grammar
Summary: Hikaru is a smart but ambitious kid and he wants to be the best premier to the royal family and the country of Kaga. However his father, the current premier assigned him to be the aide of the weak, idiot and absolutely stupid second princess, Daiki.

``It`s been decided that Ninohime-sama will be the next ruler.``
``Long live the queen!``
``Long live Her Majesty!``

``You`re really an idiot. I can`t believe it!``
Hikaru almost jumped when Yuya appeared behind him.

``You`re noisy, Yuya. Do you even have any intention of seeing me off, or what? ``

``No! And I cannot forgive you for running away!``

``I`ve made up my mind.``

``And I thought that you were good together.``

``Huh? ``

``You know what?  When you were still a brat, you were violent, cocky and boasted about your genious and I really hate your guts but..Ninohime-sama changed you.``

``You who didn`t have any interest except fame, money and success throwing everything away and running away to a far country. You who changed the weak princess into one fit to be a ruler. You filled up the spaces you didn`t have by helping each other.``

``Can`t you see that the two of you cannot be separated?  Don`t leave the princess alone!``

``Yuya, I can`t. She deserves better. Do me a favor, she might be the queen now but she still needs looking after. Can you keep her safe? Can you continue to support her for me? ``

``Asshole! Don`t ask anybody to do these things for you.``

( Hikaru, 27 years old and Daiki 24 years old )

``Your majesty. The queen has given birth to a girl.``
Hikaru bowed to the King of Kaga, Yuto.

``I now have a princess!``
``Yes. Congratulations, your majesty.``
``How about the queen? How`s my queen?``
``Both the queen and the princess are in good condition. You have nothing to worry about.``
``Yes.Yes. Thank you, Hikaru. I want to see her, them. Come with me.``
``Yes, your majesty.

He beamed when a beautiful woman came out from the queen`s chamber. She bowed to the king who nodded but looked worried.

``How`s the queen?``
``She`s tired but she`ll be fine after a good rest, your majesty. The child is adorable.``
``Thank you for coming to help her.``
``You`re always welcome.``

``I`m sorry to call you here with urgency. She requested and wanted you to be with her.``
``Anything for my sister, your majesty. You can call me anytime.``
``Thank you. You can take a rest now. Hikaru, send Ryutaro to me and you can go home and rest too. I`ve troubled you both so much.``
``Not at all, your majesty.``

When the king was inside, Hikaru gently grabbed the woman`s hand who smiled sweetly at him.

``Let`s go home, Ninohime-sama.``
``Hikaru!``The princess pouted.
`` Let`s go home.The children are waiting.``

Hikaru pulled Daiki closer to him and together they walked back to their own residence.

Eight years ago. Yuya, 20 years old. Hikaru, 19 and Daiki 16 years old

``Yuya, I can`t. She deserves better. Do me a favor, she might be the queen now but she still needs looking after. Can you keep her safe? Can you continue to support her for me? ``

``Asshole! Don`t ask anybody to do these things for you.``

They both stopped when they overheard what the people were talking about.

``Is it true? The queen refused the wedding proposal and abdicated the throne?``
``Yes. Also, I heard that the king might punish her.``
``Oh the poor princess.``


Hikaru mounted his horse and went to the direction of the palace.


``Explain yourself! All the talented human resources, a prince from neighborhing country. All treasures, you can have them but why would you turn your back?``

``Because I already have everything, father. The time when I was called a weak and stupid princess, you were worried about me that`s why you sent Hikaru to serve me. Hikaru...he became everything to me. I studied to match Hikaru`s talent. I learned how to ride a horse, use the bow and I tried win the war..because I want Hikaru to praise me. I wasn`t strugging to be a ruler..I..just..want..him..hik! Please..give him back to me.``

The princess bowed low before the king and cried helplessly

``You stupid daughter. You chose that man over the the prince. You chose him over the throne.``

They all heard when the door of the hall opened.

``A stupid daughter like you..would only suit that commoner over there.``

The princess looked behind her to see Hikaru entered the hall.


``Hikaru!``  The princess got  up and ran to the man she loves.

``Prince Yuto. It seems that your journey here is wasted.``

The young prince nodded but dumbfounded to see that he just lost his bride. He almost jumped when he felt someone poking his sides.

``You are?``

``I`m Yuri Sannohime, my lord. Since my sister won`t marry you,would you be mine instead?``


``Marry me, my lord.``

**NOTE: Thank you all for reading.  -AKI-